Karate Academy

What is Karate Academy?

Gulf Star Karate Academy welcomes all members of the public from ages 3 and above. We welcome all levels from complete beginners to advanced Karate students looking to achieve their next belt.

About our classes

Karate is the most fundamental of all martial arts disciplines and was part of the 2020 Olympics for the first time. Classes focus on the basics of body movement, control, co-ordination, memory development and discipline.

Sensei Clery is a highly respected black belt 5th Dan, and is registered with the WKF (world karate federation). Sensei Clery will focus on progression of students and ensuring that all students enjoy the journey.


Karate Kids (3-4 years)

  • Specifically designed 3-4 years grading syllabus
  • Focused on discipline, confidence, co-ordination and self-defence
  • Fitness, Fun and Friendship


Junior Karate  (5-7 years) & Development Team (8+ years)

  • Traditional Karate grading syllabus leading to Black Belt.
  • Kihon (basics), Kata (patterns/forms), Kumite (sparring)
  • Build confidence, discipline and self-defence in a fun and friendly environment.


Available at Kings School Al Barsha