Karate is a Japanese martial art whose meaning is empty hands.
Karate refers to the art of fighting hand to hand without weapon.
Luckily, we don´t have to fight nowadays however we have to face other challenges,
karate has endured over time adapting to today's society all over the world and helping to overcome them.
Besides Karate as sport was included in the Olympic list for Tokyo 2020.

Practicing karate provides many physical benefits including improved physical conditioning and coordination.
It also provides self-confidence from learning self-defense techniques along with developing self-discipline and improved focus.

The style we offer is Shotokan, included in the styles recognized by the World Karate Federation (WKF), by far the most popular style that is widely known throughout the world.

UAE Karate federation    

Our karate philosophy is based on the practice of kihon, kata and kumite.

Kihon refers to the basic techniques; it is useful to learn an effective technique to later apply them in the katas.

Kata in Japanese, means 'form' In Karate terms, Kata is the practice of performing sequences of specific Karate moves targeting a virtual opponent.

Kumite means 'sparring'. In Karate terms, kumite is where two competitors face off performing defensive and offensive techniques in a standing competition. Control of techniques is essential to avoid violent gestures.


The classes offered in our academy are separated by age, creating a friendly and fellowship atmosphere and guaranteeing an adequate level of physical demand according to their level of development. The technical level is given by the belts, which facilitates assigning different tasks to the students in relation to their technical level.

To ensure proper progression, Gulf Star has designed a program based on the WKF guidelines organized in 10 Kyus, or levels, before to achieve the desired black belt, you can find your syllabus below.

9th Kyu or Yellow Belt

8th Kyu or Orange Belt

7th Kyu or Red Belt

6th Kyu or Red&White Belt

5th Kyu or Green Belt

4th Kyu or Purple Belt

3rd Kyu or Purple&White Belt

2nd Kyu or Blue Belt

1st Kyu or Brown Belt