Makers Space STEAM

The programme we are offering is called “ STEAM for Young Innovators”


This is an 8 week after school activity, where students aged 8-12 will learn basic hand building skills, and the creative application of scientific principles they have been introduce to in school and will be introduced to throughout this programme.

Students will have the opportunity to explore, problem solve and collaborate. The programme is completely hands on, and is based on a number of STEAM based projects that tackle and combines in a multidisciplinary manner  areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, through creative ways of making and building.




Electric Circuit (an image attached)

Class Content

We’re all used to plugging in our devices these days and getting our power up to 100%. But where does that electricity come from? With "electrifying" experiments such as creating your own electric circuit and also some theory, you will learn how electricity is generated, how it gets from A to B, and what we can do with it.


Bubble Maker (an image attached)

Class Content

This class offers the opportunity to experience different materials (wood, metal, plastic ...) and tools (scroll saw, thermocutter, drill press, hand drill, soldering iron and all sorts of hand tools ...). Students will learn how to build an engine with multiple rotating parts, a motor and propeller


Pneumatic Lift (an image attached)

Class Content

Humans have invented clever ways to get air to do some heavy lifting! The technical term for this is pneumatics, and in this lesson you will learn in a simple way how the air is used to do work, by building your own small pneumatic lift.


Solar Car (an image attached)

Class Content

What are the clean and green alternatives to supply our engines and equipment with power? Learn about solar power and build a car that runs by solar energy!


Makerspace will set up a small working station for each child with needed tools. As for the soldering irons and over equipment, the instructor will demonstrate how to use them to students and will assist them in completing small tasks under close supervision.